The North Horsham Community Land Trust was formed on 8 January 2020 following an initiative started by North Horsham Parish Council.

Community Land Trusts enable the community to own the freehold interest in land/ buildings in perpetuity and are not for profit organisations. Whilst they are principally used to build/ acquire locally affordable homes for rent or shared ownership, Community Land Trusts can also own other community assets such as a hall, shop, pub or communal land. Income from rent/services charges meets the management cost and offer an opportunity for local communities to buy other community assets.

The key drivers for setting up a Community Land Trust tend to be a lack of locally affordable housing and to ensure local say and influence on rent policy, allocation policy and design. Typically, rent policy will be based on what people earn locally.

The Parish Council maintains a link to the NHCLT through an appointed link Councillor, Cllr Alan Britten, who attends the meetings and reports back to the Parish Council.

At the Special General Meeting that was held on 18 March 2021, the following people were elected Directors of the North Horsham Community Land Trust.


Chairman – Joy Gough

Treasurer – John Smithurst

Membership Secretary – David Hardcastle

Director – Donald Mahon

Steering Committee

There is also a Steering Committee made up of a number of people who live or work in North Horsham, and who are there to support the Directors as and when required.

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To find out more about Community Land Trusts, click on the link below to visit The National Community Land Trust Network website.


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