Latest News

Directors Elected at Special General Meeting (SGM) held on 18 March 2021

At the SGM the following people were elected as Directors of North Horsham CLT, replacing the previous Directors who were fulfilling interim roles:

Chairman – Joy Gough

Treasurer – John Smithurst

Director – David Hardcastle (note that, since his election, David has reluctantly decided to stand down from his position as an elected Director)

Director – Donald Mahon

FCA Registration

We have some good news!

We have gained our Financial Conduct (FCA) registration, which will enable us to be in a much stronger position to apply for grants and loans. North Horsham Community Land Trust Limited is now a Community Benefits Society and appears on the FCA official list of registered companies. Now the work really begins in earnest!

Click the link below to see the FCA Seal and Rules: